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Windows Blue Concept / Mockup 2013 by MrTechnoholic

Love the idea of taking the hate and turning it into something positive. Though it wont change anything =P

Most corporate companies will require their name to be used as a noun with uppercase. Also I would start the sentences with a upper case too. "We, Internet Explorer, Hope"

Not sure if English is your first language but "we have spent much time" doesn't sound proper. Try to use bigger words or a different way of saying it. "We have spent a great deal of time, We have spent a lot of time" Would be a different way of saying it.

Another thing is try to look at your alignment, the space between the left side and the check box should be equal to the pixel as the right side of next box and the ride side. Try to align the next button text to the button better. It's sitting to the right; the same goes with the whole design. The T the the left and the e to the right needs the same spacing. Also the spacing from the top of the logo to the top of the page needs to be the same as the spacing between the next button and the bottom of the page or whole thing could be pulled up a bit so the top spacing is equal to the spacing between it and the button part (terms, and next button)

I would recommend making the whole next button solid blue like the E. You want the user to click next and make them move forward so it being more prominent will help.

Looks great. Keep it up.

- Trevor Deal | trevordealdesign
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